These cost estimates give you an general idea. Travel may be a factor. Surveys vary wildly so please call or email with size and location. Discounts for multiple sites are possible.

All Prices are ex. GST

Drone Surveys

Drone Surveying focuses on sites from 1 to 100 Ha. Briefly we take a very low level aerial survey, add ground control with survey grade GPS and process the 1000 odd photos into Orthophoto, Cadd survey plans and 3d models for planning and documentation.

Typically you would receive:

  • A scaled digital orthophoto of the site accurate to and able to identify features of a few centimeters.
  • A detail and contour survey in autocad dwg format.
  • PDF plans suitable for A1 and A3 printing.

For a 1 Ha site, at 3cm GSD,  orthophoto and Cadd plans, the cost would be around $1,000  (GPS control from $300 is recommended for repeating or engineering surveys)


We invite you to compare our price with surveyors. Drone photographers can’t provide the accuracy that we can.

Few can produce CAD drawing sets enhanced with boundaries, services, heights and contours which are invaluable for site planning and documentation.

Inspection surveys

Inspection surveys are $100/hr including travel.

Engineering Drafting

Civil and survey drafting is charged at $80/hr.

Photosphere Walkthroughs

For up to six linked photos the cost is $399, this includes uploading to google, ideally to a named place you or we have already created on google maps. I also upload to Amazon cloud and provide a link you can add to your social media and website.