About us

Sylloge is committed to providing high quality plans and imagery for our clients. Your main point of contact is Stephen Noble.

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Our expertise

In Aviation – CASA regulatory compliance,  Full understanding of aircraft aerodynamics, maintenance, meteorology and safety.

With Technology – Drones, precise GPS, data processing and plan preparation requires a thorough knowledge of many complex hardware and software systems.

Surveying – Thirty years experience processing survey data and preparing a wide range of CAD plans. Knowledge of property boundary definitions, service location, survey datums/zones and coordinate transformations.

Plan Preparation – We include post processing of photography and data to imagery and CAD plans ready for planning and documentation.


We use DJI Inspire drones. Preprocess photos with Raw Therapee, process the photogrammetry with Photoscan and prepare plans with Autodesk products.

Ground control  is carried out with dual frequency GPS and post processed.

360 Panoramic photography

We became interested in virtual reality environments after our work with 3D models, consumer hardware isn’t widely available to take advantage of a true model but panoramic photos come close. The walkthroughs we create are satisfying to make, display well and clients and consumers are happy with the results.


Qualifications in Software , Business,  Survey Drafting and IT Project Management.

UAV Controller Certificate, RePL (for the pilot) & RPA Operators Certificate, ReOC (for the Company)

DroneSurveying is a trading name of Sylloge Pty Ltd.

Sylloge is from the ancient Greek meaning collection. We create a collection of information in the form of plans and images.