Drone surveys and inspections. Survey and civil drafting. Panoramic imagery hosted on google and your website.

What We Do

Pron. Cil-Oh-Gee: Sylloge is from the greek ‘collection’.

We create a digital collection of your information, for some ultimately this will be a custom designed GIS with a visual representation of your assets, including high resolution aerial imagery, close up feature inspections, terrain raster modeling, and point, line & polygon layers linked by a database of feature attributes.

Aerial Surveying

We provide a land engineering survey and aerial photography service for northern NSW, using centimetre accurate GPS and RPA technology to cover large areas more effectively than traditional methods.

With thirty years of survey background we go beyond just photography and models and turn that into CAD data and GIS for concept, design and as built purposes. Sites that are particularly suited are:

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Point Clouds & 3D models

We can capture accurate information for modelling ‘large’ projects. These models are best viewed on a desktop with mouse navigation.

The Halls Peak mine site, One of the the highest / longest spoil slopes in Australia over 100 meters, GPS co-ordinates established onsite to 4 cm accuracy, survey to 3 cm ground sample distance.

Balls Pyramid model. A km long and 550 m high volcanic stack in the middle of the Pacific ocean near Lord Howe Island, Part of the Australia Museum 2017 Expedition.

Inspection Photography

Using our zoom lense we can safely capture in high detail nearby features, or resolve distant features.

Panoramic Walkthroughs

We can create panoramic walkthroughs, see our walkthroughs page for more examples including external sites and google street view integration.

Many business would benefit from better visibility on google maps or search results. We can help you claim your business page and to stand out from the competition with walkthroughs.

The image below allows you to pan around, preview and advance to linked panoramas. Click the twin arrows to stop and start the animation.


We offer CAD drafting and engineering plan preparation to Drone Pilots, we take your data when you have finished processing it and prepare High Quality CAD plans to the clients requirements.

Alternatively we can utilise Nearmap aerial photography service as a base to prepare 2D CAD plans. Nearmap constantly re-flys the populated areas of Australia and produces imagery at a resolution of 7 cm GSD.

People Who Trust Us


Stephen has been invaluable in preparing engineering plans for our government clients. ~Zack Wasson




The speed and ease in obtaining line of sight confirmation along with the imagery for our records has saved time, cost and increased our efficiency in preparing estimates for our clients. ~Nic Holgate.

SAF Australia

Thanks again for your help! The survey you have done has been excellent help with our project consultants and the Severn Council. ~Lindsay Stewart

Star Dynamic

The plans Stephen produced has been very helpful in planning and assigning work tasks. ~Godfrey Wenness.

Manilla Pargliding

Sylloge quickly produced a high quality walkthrough to showcase our new dental practice, very happy with the process. ~Sam Rosehill

Ethical Dental